Bristol council’s clean air plan delayed to December 2019

Bristol council’s clean air plan delayed to December 2019

Bristol council will submit its proposed initiatives to tackle air pollution by December 2019, a full year after the original deadline planned in 2018.

Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees said: “We have confirmed the actions we are taking to develop an effective and inclusive clean air plan for Bristol that remains on target to achieve compliance at the earliest possible opportunity.”

The initiatives detailed in the timeline include a local scrappage scheme, increased usage of a freight consolidation facility and a charge for the most polluting vehicles on Bristol’s roads.

Marvin Rees explained the reasons for the delay citing “initial modelling showed that there was potential for adverse impacts on the lowest income families.

“We will deliver a clean air plan that contributes to our future vision for a healthier, cleaner, inclusive and sustainable city.”

The Mayor’s frequent delay’s on clean air pollution has been met with regular criticism.

The Bristol Green Party has condemned the Mayor’s delay on social media

Earlier this year, Environmental Minister, Therese Coffey wrote directly to the Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees stating that she was “astonished” by the delay.

In the letter written, Coffey stated: “You have unlawfully failed to comply”

Coffey warned that legal action could be taken against Bristol City Council if they did not comply with the deadlines presented to them.

Air Pollution in Bristol

Map Key:
In March 2014, Bristol council published a report setting out the health impacts of air pollution.
Since then, there has been growing evidence that further deaths in Bristol can be attributable to air pollution.
New results show that around 300 deaths each year in Bristol are linked to Nitrogen Dioxide and fine particulate matter, both of which involved in air pollution.

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