Youth climate change protest: Easter holiday lie-in outside Bristol’s City Hall

Hundreds of children and young people came to College Green this morning in the third wave of youth climate change protests.

Protesters are calling on Bristol City Council to take immediate action on climate change.

Organisers expected a lower turnout due to the Easter holidays than previous rallies but the protest was still well represented.

As part of the protest, organisers staged a lie-in in front of the council buildings and displayed placards which drew attention to climate issues.

The city council has vowed to become carbon neutral by 2030 but many still feel that they are not doing enough to combat climate change.

The protest was organised by UWE student Amy Hayward.

The movement began when Swedish student Greta Thunberg started a solo school strike in August to protest against inaction on climate change.

Since then hundreds of thousands of young people have joined in and taken to the streets in cities across the world.

Sixteen year old Greta has been nominated for a nobel peace prize for her activism.



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