Bristol ‘Refutrees’ give Christmas aid to refugees

Bristol ‘Refutrees’ give Christmas aid to refugees

A grassroots Bristol charity is selling Christmas trees in order to raise funds for refugees. Aid Box Community (ABC) will be donating all their profits from sales to help asylum seekers across Bristol and Europe. They first started the ‘Refutree’ campaign three years ago and proceeds have improved year after year. Jonathan Genevaux Aid Box […]

Bristol MP Kerry McCarthy demands more government cash for police

Kerry McCarthy is demanding the government gives Bristol more money to fund its police. The Bristol East MP says local council tax payers should not be forced to pay more, despite police budgets already being stretched and crime rates on the rise. Her demand comes as a consultation on Bristol City Council’s next budget states council […]

“Reclaim the Night”: Women marching for safer streets

The Bristol Student Union’s Women’s Network is hosting a march to demand a safer environment for women on Bristol’s streets at night. The national movement “Reclaim the Night” is meant to raise awareness of women’s safety and challenge the culture of victim blaming. Katherine Martin, head of the women’s equality party said: “It is important […]

Fare Share finish Bristol campaign against child poverty

Fare Share South West finished their week-long campaign against child poverty and hunger in schools around Bristol today. The “Big Breakfast Week” was meant to raise awareness of children going to school hungry. No child should go hungry- this is what we’ve been doing to change the picture in Bristol. Donate to our appeal today […]

Bristol at Night: The new guardians of your night out

This week marked the launch of the Bristol @ Night panel. Its aim? To support Bristol’s nighttime economy. Local residents have been calling for a nighttime representative since the city of Amsterdam crowned Mirik Milan it’s first ‘nachtburgemeester’, or Night Mayor, in 2014. The panel will support takeaway restaurants, emergency services and sex entertainment workers as well […]

Clock change: should we be getting our sunshine in a pill?

Clock change: should we be getting our sunshine in a pill?

It’s the so-called sunshine vitamin – should we all be taking it?  With prescriptions for Vitamin D continuing to rise and with the clocks going back tomorrow is Vitamin D the answer to our winter blues? In summer, we get our Vitamin D from the sun, helping our bodies absorb nutrients to keep bones, teeth […]

Ferries under threat from boatyard shrinking

Boats in Bristol harbour may have nowhere to go for maintenance as the council reveals plans to take away nearly half of the city’s last remaining working boat yard. Bristol City Council owns the space currently used by Bristol’s Marina Boatyard. It is the last working yard in the city with a lifting dock, but the […]

Local resident’s join fight back against Bristol Airport expansion

Bristol Airport’s proposed plans for expansion have been met with resistance by local residents and anti-aviation groups. The airport’s ‘Master Plan’ looks to accommodate an extra 12 million passengers a year by 2045. National anti-aviation group Plane Stupid said: “There is no way that catastrophic climate change can be avoided if we continue on the current trends […]

Reservoir Mogs: The feline foursome tackling female empowerment

Reservoir Mogs, this year’s Christmas production from the Wardrobe Theatre in Old Market, is turning gender stereotypes on their head. The play is a unique hybrid of two prominent productions – Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats – featuring an all-female cast of characters taking on the role of gangster cats. Adam […]