Caffeine and paracetamol contaminating Bristol Harbour

Research by academics at the University of the West of England has discovered paracetamol and caffeine in Bristol’s floating harbour. The presence of the drugs is a key indicator of sewage contamination, as they do not occur naturally in the environment. Commonly used in cold and flu medication, paracetamol and caffeine are designed to be highly stable and resistant to […]

Travellers leave Shirehampton’s Daisy Field covered in rubbish

The Daisy Field in Shirehampton was left littered with cans of drink, gas canisters and used nappies after a group of travellers camped there illegally for several days. Bristol North West MP, Charlotte Leslie, whose constituency includes the Daisy Field, told Bristol Wired, she was ”sick” of finding travellers camped on land illegally. However, she also […]

Clean air petition to be presented to mayor

A petition to improve the quality of the air in Bristol is to be presented to Mayor Marvin Rees at a council meeting on Tuesday. The petition has been created in response to information from the World Health Organisation that the air pollution in Bristol is above recommended limits. After just nine days, it has been signed […]

Artists turn empty buildings into galleries

Using empty shops as art galleries could be a new way for Bristol’s artists to establish their name. Cities are seeing more and more disused buildings on high streets. Yet Bristol artists are taking part in an innovative way of launching their careers by transforming empty shops into art galleries. One group of artists has created an exhibition in a vacant […]

Baby gorilla meets adopted mother

A baby gorilla, Afia, born at Bristol zoo over eight months ago has met its adopted mother for the first time. Afia, who is a hand reared, is now spending her days with Western lowland gorilla Romina, 36, at the Zoo in Clifton. Romina showed strong maternal instincts to the keepers and as a result was chosen […]

Bristol Sorting Office: Petition against demolition

A petition calling for the Council to reconsider the demolition of the former Sorting Office by Temple Meads is only 42 signatures away from its target of 600. Ben Moss, who launched the petition, is opposed to the demolition, and wants the building to be used for the benefit of the Bristol community. The petition asks for […]

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