Sugar Smart City: Bristol’s youth in new obesity battle

Bristol Youth Council have teamed up with Public Health England to tackle rising levels of obesity in the city. New figures have shown that 57 per cent of adults and over a third of children in the city are now above a healthy weight. A quarter of five-year-olds also suffer from tooth decay due to a […]

Caffeine and paracetamol contaminating Bristol Harbour

Research by academics at the University of the West of England has discovered paracetamol and caffeine in Bristol’s floating harbour. The presence of the drugs is a key indicator of sewage contamination, as they do not occur naturally in the environment. Commonly used in cold and flu medication, paracetamol and caffeine are designed to be highly stable and resistant to […]

EXCLUSIVE: 12,000 Bristol women miss crucial breast cancer screening

Thousands of women in Bristol and the surrounding area have missed their breast cancer screenings at the Bristol Breast Care Centre at Southmead Hospital. According to Nicky Bright, the Superintendent Radiographer, only 48,000 out of the 60,000 women invited to breast screenings annually at the Centre actually attended. Of the 48,000 women who attended their […]

Bristol hospitals lacking beds and facing cuts

New statistics show that there is a lack of overnight beds in Bristol hospitals with further cuts still to come. Bristol’s two main NHS Trusts are struggling with the occupancy of their hospital beds, with more than 86% being occupied every night, which will impact new patients coming in for treatment. According to The Royal College […]

National HIV Testing week: Free tests for at risk individuals

Terrence Higgins Trust in Bristol will be holding free HIV tests at their centre in Old Market from tomorrow. The scheme is aimed predominantly at gay and bisexual men, as well as black African men and women. These groups make up seven out of 10 people in the UK living with HIV. Tests will be available from 19 November- […]

Holding mentally unwell in police cells is ‘damaging practice’

Bristol police held 242 people suffering a mental health crisis in police cells last year, figures from the charity Mind have revealed. Mind said: “police cells are never an appropriate place for someone in mental health crisis”. The charity has published statistics showing the number of people held under a section 136 for the period between April 2015 to […]

Stoptober: Free ‘quit smoking’ support for hospital staff

Hospital staff in Bristol are getting free one to one support to help them quit smoking. The University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UH Bristol) has appointed smoke-free expert Nichola Woodacre to encourage staff to quit and run 12 weeks of one to one sessions. Employees working in a high pressured environment and those who have smoked for a […]

Two thirds of Bristol NHS prescriptions wasted

The Bristol NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) says that nearly two-thirds (63%) of drugs prescribed through the city’s NHS are unused. Bristol CCG expert Jenny Gibbs made the comment at a presentation yesterday as part of Bristol’s Health City Week 2016. Gibbs’ research, based on 2000 patients in 2015, found that 30% of patients are no longer […]