Project WalkToTalk Bristol tackles mental health stigma

Project WalkToTalk have organised a walk in Bristol today to get more people opening up about mental health. The aim is to raise awareness and allow participants to share their experiences whilst exploring the city. There was no shortage of fluorescent pink at College Green, where 150 participants turned up at the starting line. Many […]

University changes name for ‘Wonkee Wednesday’ well-being campaign

University changes name for ‘Wonkee Wednesday’ well-being campaign

Bath Spa students have been voicing their opposition to ‘Wonkee Wednesdays’, the name of the university’s mental health ‘celebration’ day. The name, conceived by the university Student Support team, was one of “a number of ‘W’s’ [that were] considered, including wobbly” and was “in no way intended to be derogatory” according to Accessibility Advisor for Mental […]

Journalists and professionals in discussion over ‘mental health crisis’

A panel of journalists and professionals reveal that the media’s representation of mental health could be contributing to a ‘mental health crisis’. The drive for discussion comes at a time where mental health issues are at an all-time high, with seven students in Bristol having committed suicide this year. Dr Schroeder, a Bristol GP who runs sessions around […]

Tai Chi: Bristol expert preaches its health benefits

A Bristol based Tai Chi expert is preaching the physical and mental  benefits of the practice This comes after the Prime Minister, Theresa May, spoke about mental health earlier in the week. Claire Mitcham is a Tai Chi instructor based who’s in Bristol. She has been teaching the Chinese practice for several years now. After […]

Professionals “backed off” confrontation with Charlotte Bevan

A Bristol mother who died after jumping off a cliff with her newborn baby was described as ‘unpredictable’ by practitioners in a report released today.    In December 2014 Charlotte Bevan left St Michael’s hospital with her newborn baby, Zaani Tiana Bevan-Malbrouck. Their bodies were discovered days later in the Avon Gorge. A report released today […]

Holding mentally unwell in police cells is ‘damaging practice’

Bristol police held 242 people suffering a mental health crisis in police cells last year, figures from the charity Mind have revealed. Mind said: “police cells are never an appropriate place for someone in mental health crisis”. The charity has published statistics showing the number of people held under a section 136 for the period between April 2015 to […]