Bristol to get £4m to boost creative industries

Bristol is to get £4million to boost its creative industries, the government has announced. The cash, part of a £20m national budget, aims to inspire and attract new talent, boost skills, and provide education. The package was announced by Creative Industries Minister Margot James who said it will help to increase the diversity of the sector’s […]

Mental health at UWE: Students split over services

Mental health at UWE: Students split over services

UWE students are divided over the mental health services provided by the university. When asked on social media, students were split about the UWE Wellbeing Service, with some describing it as helpful and friendly while others said it was unhelpful and lacked compassion. The Wellbeing Service says on its website: “We offer individual sessions, online […]

Rowing: riches vs raw talent

You are 27 times more likely to win an Olympic rowing medal if you went to private school. The statistics surrounding rowing indicate rowing in the UK is typically found in richer areas and mostly practised at private schools. Similarly the most successful rowing universities having a higher ratio of privately educated students. The University of Bristol is […]

EXCLUSIVE: Is Colston Hall about to change its name?

The controversy surrounding Colston Hall is nothing new.  But now that official discussions surrounding its name are scheduled to take place, the debate is heating up again. Built on the site of a sugar refinery in Bristol city centre, the venue has divided the population for years. For example, Massive Attack have been public in their opposition to […]

Caffeine and paracetamol contaminating Bristol Harbour

Research by academics at the University of the West of England has discovered paracetamol and caffeine in Bristol’s floating harbour. The presence of the drugs is a key indicator of sewage contamination, as they do not occur naturally in the environment. Commonly used in cold and flu medication, paracetamol and caffeine are designed to be highly stable and resistant to […]